Dr Gale Savino-Eason
"This is a note to let you know how great I think the new Digital Flavorist is!  I can now tell a staff member I want banana flavored Baytril for a 3 lb bunny at 5mg/ kg and the program does the rest .
I used to have to figure the dosage and quantity, go to the recipe book and figure the calculations to mix to make a small enough volume to not drown the bunny or bankrupt the client, and then ask a staff member to mix the product.  I am now free to do more “Dr.-ing” and have empowered my staff to be more involved. Thanks again for a great product that affords me a easy innovative way to increase service to my patients without increasing their wait time."
Karla, Muddy Creek Animal Hospital
“The new Flavorist helps save a lot of time with adding and making the solution.  We plan to use this a lot.”
Sarah, Ripon Vet
"Digital Flavorist is a great resource! It makes flavoring fast and simple."
Kristin Karbonik, DVM
“I love the new program!  I now have more confidence passing off a script with your program handling the calculations and the techs are happier due to the time it saves them.  In just the past week I’d say we’ve doubled the amount of flavorings we would normally do.”


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