The New Digital Flavorist™

This innovative program streamlines the process of formulating flavoring recipes down to a few quick steps on your computer.  We have taken the old paper formulary and transformed it into an interactive flavoring program that provides you with a complete flavoring recipe and prescription label in less than 30 seconds! In addition, if your flavoring workstation is connected to the internet, you’ll have the option of receiving real-time formulary updates.  But we didn’t stop there.  The Digital Flavorist does so much more, namely it:

  • Makes species and medication specific flavor recommendations.
  • Automatically calculates flavoring recipes.
  • Contains a unit converter.
  • Enables you to print recipe sheets and/or prescription labels.
  • Keeps a record of all completed formulations.
  • Provides online support and built-in tools and tips.

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Our studies have shown that use of the Digital Flavorist reduces the time it takes to flavor a prescription by over two minutes.  This is a serious time-savings, which should motivate you to promote and use the flavoring system more often.  There is no doubt that flavoring helps pets get healthy, creates goodwill between you and your customers, and generates significant bottom-line revenue for your practice.  The Digital Flavorist can help you realize these benefits.

Best of all, as a current customer of FLAVORx, you can download and use the Digital Flavorist FREE OF CHARGE. Each year, you’ll be asked to renew your subscription to the Digital Flavorist. As long as you are a customer in good standing, you can do this free of charge, year after year. If, however, you are not in good standing or allow your subscription to lapse, there is a $99 reactivation charge to continue using the program. For more details, please write us an email

In order to download your free copy of the Digital Flavorist, simply fill out the brief registration and you will be sent an email containing your free copy of the Digital Flavorist.  Versions are available for PC and Mac is coming soon.

For questions related to the Digital Flavorist, please call 1-(800) 884-5771 and press 5.  This will transfer you to a dedicated Digital Flavorist representative.