To Our Valued Customers,

We have exciting news… FLAVORx is proud to announce the official launch of the Digital Flavorist!  This interactive flavoring program will revolutionize flavoring for you and your practice.

Here at FLAVORx we constantly strive to improve our flavoring program. We have dedicated resources to examine all areas of our veterinary line, especially those in need of improvement.  This analysis, and your generous feedback helped us identify two common hurdles to flavoring excellence: ease of use and time involved.  We are confident the new Digital Flavorist solves both issues.  Not only does it completely automate calculations but it can provide you with a detailed flavoring formulation in less than 30 seconds! This new flavoring program also:

  1. Recommends flavors based on the chosen species and medication
  2. Contains over 400 medications
  3. Prints recipe sheets and/or prescription labels
  4. Provides on-line support

    And so much more...

We believe our team has made huge strides with this new program and are optimistic that you will take a second look at making flavoring a regular part of your practice. So welcome back, come on in and take a look around and we hope you appreciate the exciting changes.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments.


Stuart R Amos, CEO
and FLAVORx Veterinary Team

(800) 884-5771